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Who we are
The Statistics and Bioinformatics Unit (UEB-USMIB) is a service unit from the Scientific Support Area of the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute (VHIR - www.vhir.org).
The UEB was created in 2008 within the Research Institute of the Hospital Vall d'Hebron in order to promote the use and development of modern statistical and bioinformatics resources on research performed in its environment.
Nowadays, the Statistics and Bioinformatics Unit includes the former Support Unit in Methodology for Biomedical Research (USMIB) and, as part of the Scientific and Technical Support Area of the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute, has the mission to provide expert advice, services and training for clinical and biomedical research.

informationWhere are we?

UEB is now located in the VHIR modular, next to the former Banc de Sang (point on the map)

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The UEB-USMIB staff is lead by Dr. Alex Sánchez, and includes advanced technicians in statistics and bioinformatics, with quite long experience in clinical and biomedical research support and training activities.

The main objectives of the UEB are
  • To provide statistical, methodological and bioinformatics support for clinical and biomedical research, mainly in our center but also to the rest of the community.
  • To contribute to training in statistics and bioinformatics for clinical and biomedical research, by organizing its own courses and participating in formal training in the VHIR's area.
  • To carry out innovation and development activities in the field of statistics and bioinformatics, particularly in anything that could revert in an improvement of the procedures and services provided by the Unit.

What we do
  • Statistical and Methodological advice on clinical research and high throughput data
    • Advice on protocol development of research projects
    • Study design
    • Sample size calculation
    • Variable definition
    • Protocols and data collection forms
    • Data format and management for high throughput data studies
  • Data analysis of clinical research studies
    • Execution and data analysis
    • Database design
    • Validation of measurement procedures
    • Statistical analysis design
    • Basic univariate/bivariate descriptive data analysis
    • Correlation analysis and statistical modelling

  • High throughput data analysis
    • Microarray data analysis
    • RTqPCR (microfluidic cards) data analysis
    • Exome variant analysis
    • Metagenomic/metabarcoding studies
    • RNA-seq data analysis
    • Other NGS studies
      • Methylation data analysis
      • "De novo" sequencing

  • Advanced data analysis
    • Integrative 'omics data analysis
    • Biomarker selection and validation
    • Functional annotation and biological significance analysis
  • Communication of scientific results
    • Creation of tailored tables, figures and graphs
    • Analysis methods writing
    • Results interpretation
    • Statistical review of publications or presentations
    • Reply the reviewer's comments

  • Development and maintenance of bioinformatics applications
    • Specific local or online databases
    • Tailored applications and user interfaces
    • Installation and maintenance of bioinformatics applications

  • Resources (software and hardware) booking for high throughput studies

  • General or specific training activities
    • Courses about general (statistics, bioinformatics) or specific (gene expression analysis database, survival analysis) topics
    • Participation in formal training programs to VHIR or VH environment

What we use
The UEB has the appropriate hardware and software to accomplish its tasks:
  • HP workstations with two/four/six processors (quad*core) and 8/16/64 GiB RAM running on GNU/Linux
  • Server and high capacity cluster for processes that require intensive computation
    • Main node with 64/100 GiB of RAM
    • Several secondary nodes for parallel computing
  • Web server to make the results of the studies and analysis tools developed by the UEB accessible
  • Statistical and bioinformatics tools:
    • Statistical Software : R, Stata, SAS, PASS
  • Data analysis tools:
    • free/open source (Bioconductor, GenePattern, Qiime, DAVID...)
    • or propietary software (Ingenuity Pathways, CLC Genomics Workbench)
  • Development Tools: MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, Java

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